Currently myheart holds meetings twice a year in Hotel Holiday-Inn, Sutton for young people, between 14 and 35, who have suddenly been diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition. Anybody with a cardiac condition between the ages of 14 and 35 can come to the meetings if they:

  • Have been offered or already have an ICD
  • Have suffered a cardiac arrest
  • Have been diagnosed with an inherited or potentially inherited cardiac disease

Given the complexity of some conditions we recognise that there will always be a need to consider some cases on an individual basis.

Our members can gain support through meetings and talking to others in a similar situation, hearing the different ways they have coped and discussing any issues that have arisen since their diagnosis.

Meetings are free to attend and give members an opportunity to meet and discuss their experiences in an informal but supportive environment.

There is a group support session in the morning, where everyone has the opportunity to share any social problems they may have had. This is facilitated by a counsellor experienced in working with CRY’s myheart group’s young people living with heart conditions. Lunch is provided and following this there is a Q and A session with a doctor who specialises in dealing with young people diagnosed with one of these complicated conditions. Meetings for 2015 were funded by Global’s Make Some Noise (including lunch!). They give members an opportunity to discuss their personal concerns in an informal but supportive environment. CRY will also cover reasonable travelling expenses on submission of receipts after the event.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information about CRY’s myheart meetings please call CRY’s myheart coordinator on 01737 363 222 or email

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