Private area of the myheart website

The private area of the myheart website is exclusively for individuals between the ages of 16* and 35 residing in the UK and diagnosed with a cardiac condition.

The private area includes a blogging tool where the young people can share their thoughts and experiences. The blogs include stories from young people about living with a cardiac condition, their experience of suddenly being diagnosed with a cardiac condition, talking about tests and treatments or just dealing with the condition on a daily basis.

The private area is a safe place to discuss any issues or concerns relating to living with a diagnosis. A place for members to gain support and discuss experiences with other young people who have a cardiac condition.

CRY will send you an email confirming that your registration has been approved after you register. Once the registration is approved (requests sent over the weekend can only be approved on Monday morning), you can log in to access the private area.

Please read the rules for the members-only area herebefore requesting to register.

*parental consent will be required for anyone aged 16-17 who would like to join the website. Consent can be given by emailing

To join the myheart network and find out more about the private area of the myheart website please visit

If you already a member of the myheart network and would like to join the private area of the myheart website, please email