The price of always being right! by Charlotte Monins

I’m always right! Friday 15th December was the one day I wish that hadn’t been true. That was day that after months, well years, I finally got a diagnosis. Brugada! A hereditary condition that puts me at risk of cardiac arrest (apologies if that’s not quite definition it’s all still very new). I’m first in family with diagnosis. Since 15 I’d been mentioning palpitations. Having had a thyroid issue as a teen I was always just given blood tests to test thyroid levels (came back fine obviously) and told to just get used to it being one of those things. In last year I wasn’t having it anymore, they were lasting hours. Turns out my definition of palpitations had been slightly different to what a GP had assumed. When GP finally acknowledged I was at point of screaming for help I’d been given echo/holter monitor and I don’t know how many ECGs in A&E. Yet these showed nothing wrong. I was starting to think it was all in my head.

I was right! There was something wrong!

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