If you are between the ages of 12 and 35 Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) can help you.

We understand that being young and suddenly finding that you need to be treated for a heart condition is not easy. CRY’s myheart network provides personalised help, support, and information to individuals between the ages of 12 and 35 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening cardiac condition. myheart is a support system for individuals to help develop effective coping strategies and reduce social isolation. The network was developed in response to feedback from young people who found that support groups available were not  effective in helping them deal with issues such as fitting of ICDs, pacemakers and undergoing ablation surgery.

Registration and membership for myheart is free. Register here

Z well Zenia Selby- earlier diagnosed with WPW

I was out on a 5k run when suddenly my heart starting beating several times faster than it should have been. I stopped, sat down, breathed deeply, but nothing would stop it. I was in the middle of a wood … Read More

VFMLID=33293693 National myheart meeting-6th March, 2016

A myheart members’ meeting will be taking place at Holiday Inn, Gibson Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2RF, between 10am-4pm on Sunday 6th March, 2016. Directions to the hotel can be found here. If you have questions about your condition or … Read More

Ben Forsyth small British and Scottish youth champion cyclist talks about living with ARVC

Read about British and Scottish youth champion cyclist Ben Forsyth’s journey of living with ARVC here.

Chris Currie Chris Currie on BBC Radio 4 programme

myheart member, Chris Currie, and his friend, Clare recently took part in BBC Radio 4’s The Listening Project. They talked about how Chris’ acquired brain injury as a result of cardiac arrest has affected their friendship.  This is part of a longer hour … Read More

Miccoli1 Interview with Miccoli

Miccoli is a three-member Alternative-Indie band from Birmingham, UK of twin brothers, Alessandro and Adriano and sister Francesca.  Whilst their popularity is soaring musically, they are becoming powerful youth icons too. Alessandro was born with the heart condition Wollf-Parkinson White … Read More