Are there certain sports you should avoid with an ICD?

The sports that we will advise against in someone who has an intracardiac defibrillator, are predominantly contact sports that are likely to cause any damage to the battery that lies either on your chest or, in the case of a subcutaneous ICD, you’ve got the box under your armpit but you’ve got wires coming at the front of your chest. Such sports may include even football or rugby. The other sports we will advise against, are sports that again can damage the device if it gets hit. And those can be sports such as cricket or baseball, or as you can imagine if the ball was to hit exactly at the spot of the ICD, that can cause damage to the device itself, which in the best case scenario may require it to be taken out and replaced. In the worst case scenario, it may predispose you to a fatal arrhythmia.

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