FAQ’s about CRY’s Research by Professor Sanjay Sharma

Through a collection of video clips, CRY Cardiologist, Professor Sanjay Sharma, has answered FAQ’s about CRY’s research.   How has CRY’s research changed the way we understand Brugada?How has CRY’s research changed the way we understand ARVC?How has CRY’s research helped us to understand coronary artery anomalies?How has St George’s University helped to take CRY’s […]

myheart information pack

myheart information pack CRY’s myheart network provides personalised help, support, and information to individuals who have been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening inherited or congenital cardiac condition. myheart is a support system for individuals to help develop effective coping strategies and reduce social isolation. myheart leaflet myheart’s general leaflet gives an overview of the charity. Read the […]

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