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CRY’s myheart network provides personalised help, support, and information to individuals who have been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening inherited or congenital cardiac condition. myheart is a support system for individuals to help develop effective coping strategies and reduce social isolation.

myheart leaflet

myheart’s general leaflet gives an overview of the charity.

CRY general leaflet

CRY’s general leaflet gives an overview of the charity.

Literature and Information

myheart booklet

The myheart booklet was launched in November 2013 and has been a source of great support for the members since then. The booklet introduced by double Olympic gold medalist, Tom James MBE, who was diagnosed with a heart condition known as atrical fibrillation in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Also included  are 10 personal ‘essays’ from young men and women who recount and talk through their own experience of suddenly being diagnosed with a heart condition.


A hard copy newsletter is sent out at the begining of each year and is a round-up of the previous year’s events in which our members participated and raised awareness of CRY and myheart at. There are also new myheart my stories published in each issue, along with new events and oppurtunitues ofr members in the coming year.

Cardiac Conditions in the Young: From ARVC to WPW

The booklet provides medical information for a young person who has been diagnosed with a cardiac condition or has been diagnosed with a cardiac condition or has been reffered to a cardiologist for further tests, as well as their family and relatives. 


MedicAlert in partnership with myheart

It is recommended that anyone with a hidden medical condition carries a form of identification detailing their condition and any medication they are on. This could be in the form of a card placed somewhere visible in your wallet/purse, or an identification bracelet, such as a MedicAlert bracelet.

MedicAlert is the only registered charity that provides a life-saving identification system for people with hidden medical conditions and allergies. Each member receives an Emblem engraved with their main medical condition, vital details, a personal ID number and a 24 hour emergency telephone number allowing emergency or medical professionals to access their details from anywhere in the world. This 24 hour emergency service is housed within the London Ambulance Service, where trained staff relay your full MedicAlert emergency medical record to the first responder.

Wearing Medic Alert identification means in an emergency, medical personnel have instant knowledge of your medical condition and with one phone call to the emergency number, access to your emergency medical record, along with information such as your name and address, doctors details or implant information after quoting your ID number and clearing security checks. This 24 hour emergency phone line has an annual charge of £30. Full details of the caller are taken, including the nature of the call and the response given.

When joining MedicAlert or updating medical information, calls are dealt with by trained nurses, who take and assess all your medical information to ensure it is correct and then decide what information needs to be included on the embelm. MedicAlert has a wide selection of emblems to choose from, with prices starting at £19.95.

For more information about MedicAlert please visit

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