This is a brief outline of how I came to know CRY, join myheart, and join MedicAlert

Shortly after university finals in 2010, I had a second ajmaline challenge (drug assisted ECG) in London under Professor Sharma’s team, with the unexpected result that I was positive for Brugada syndrome – unexpected because 18 months previously I’d received the all clear at a local hospital. However unequivocally grateful and relieved I’d been with the negative result, the registrar’s approach and manner […]

Miccoli Tour – Intu Chapelfield, Norwich 8th-9th November 2014

Miccoli’s tenth weekend of their tour was in Norwich’s Intu Chapelfield shopping centre and was a very busy one for the band. The family trio had a really positive response from the Norwich shoppers and meant they had the opportunity to promote CRY and the band to a lot of people throughout the weekend. Francesca, […]

Miccoli Tour – Intu Shopping Centre, Derby 22nd-23rd November 2014

Miccoli’s twelth and final weekend of their tour during 2014 took them to Derby where they performed at the Intu Shopping Centre at West Mall. There was a great response to their attendance and the band were able to raise vital awareness in the town. “Derby was a perfect place to end this year’s C-R-Y/Miccoli […]

YBFIT by Paula Beck

My brother died suddenly, aged 31, in Australia. He was very fit and healthy. As a result, my family and I had to undergo genetic heart testing. Some of my family, including myself, were diagnosed with a hereditary heart condition called Brugada syndrome. Through this I was introduced to Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) […]

Living with Brugada syndrome by Paula Beck

Watch myheart member Paula Beck speak with Professor Sharma about having Brugada syndrome. Understanding the syndrome and the effects it has. Watch Paula debate with CRY myheart cardiologist, pills Dr Michael Papadakis along with another myheart member, generic Joseph Tanner on exercising with an ICD below.

Rules for the members-only area

The members-only area rules lay out how members relate to one another in our online community. They relate to the discussion forum. Please read these along with our website terms of use. What is the members-only area for? Our member-only area is a place where young people who are coping with a diagnosis of a heart condition  can share experiences, […]

Alerting people to your diagnosis in an emergency

MedicAlert in partnership with myheart It is recommended that anyone with a hidden medical condition carries a form of identification detailing their condition and any medication they are on. This could be in the form of a card placed somewhere visible in your wallet/purse, or an identification bracelet, help such as a MedicAlert bracelet. MedicAlert […]

Paula Beck

Living with Brugada syndrome Watch myheart member Paula Beck speak with Professor Sharma about having Brugada syndrome below.