Cardiac Outpatients Screening by Imogen Ashby

My animation consists of 1038 drawings all combined into a video lasting one minute and twenty-six seconds. In this short time I want to help calm the children that visit a cardiac outpatients ward.

The animation is drawn in a friendly and childlike manner in order for children to immediately relate to the video so they can take in the information being communicated to them, about how they will be tested and potentially treated. The idea behind this animation was that a child would not normally pick up an intimidating leaflet, but there will always be a screen in a waiting room, or, in this day and age, some sort of tablet. This project is based on my own experience in hospitals, especially inspired by my brother, George, who was diagnosed with a heart condition two years ago. 

I want the project to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis and the importance of getting screened and tested. My brother’s disease was found by chance, but not every child is that lucky. I don’t want cardiac diseases to be a mystery any longer. 

At least 12 young and healthy children die from undiagnosed heart conditions every week. A few have no symptoms whatsoever. Don’t let your child be one of them.

Support charities like CRY to get your child screened.

Imogen’s animation process and updates can be found on her Instagram: @i.ashby_artwork and her blog:

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