Hadrian’s Wall – Completed!

We did it! My partner and I walked along Hadrian’s Wall from Carlisle to Newcastle in just four days, and raised nearly £350 for CRY in the process.

We bounced out of the door bright and early on the first day, full of energy and ready for the challenging 20 miles ahead of us. But by the time we’d been walking for six hours, and still had another eight miles to go, morale was getting low and my partner’s blisters were getting bigger…

The next day we thought we’d have it easier – our route was just 15 miles that day – but I hadn’t checked the contour lines. And to top it off, it started raining just as we began to climb the undulating crags that give the most haunting and beautiful views of Hadrian’s Wall. At one point I slipped and fell – and it took a whole Kendal Mint Cake to get me up again!

The third day dawned bright and sunny. Which was just as well, because another 20 miles awaited us! We got through it by narrating all three Lord of the Rings films to each other, complete with scarily accurate impressions of Golem…

By the time we hobbled into Newcastle on the last day, we’d given Hadrian’s Wall everything we had. It was much tougher than I had expected, but looking back I am so happy to have completed the challenge!

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