Making Sure

As it approaches a year since I had my ablation, I’m coming to the end of the extra tests my cardiologists wanted me to have to make sure my heart condition had been completely fixed. I had two exercise tests and an echo, which all seemed to show normal results, so I’m very much hoping I’ll get the all clear at my consultation.

In case you have these tests too, I’ll share with you what’s involved. For one of them, I had to walk on a treadmill, on which the speed and incline steadily increased. My heart rate was measured constantly and my blood pressure taken every few minutes. This threw up no heart rate anomalies, but we did discover that my blood pressure lowers much quicker than my heart rate after exercise, so the nurse recommended that I make sure I have an isotonic drink after a long run to help recovery.

For the second test, I had a 24 hour monitor. It was fun having this little measuring device hidden under my jumper for a whole day! Not so fun trying to hide it under tight-fitting running gear while I took it out for a test run…

I’m still waiting for the official results of these tests, and I’m waiting till then to get back into my passion, running. My promise to myself is that if I get the all clear, I’ll resume training for my ultramarathon!

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