Miccoli Tour – Intu Shopping Centre, Derby 22nd-23rd November 2014

Miccoli’s twelth and final weekend of their tour during 2014 took them to Derby where they performed at the Intu Shopping Centre at West Mall. There was a great response to their attendance and the band were able to raise vital awareness in the town.

“Derby was a perfect place to end this year’s C-R-Y/Miccoli Awareness tour, the response was overwhelming. There were lots of enquires made about CRY and the work they do with young people, especially the screening service they provide.

It really has been a pleasure over the past 3/4months for my siblings and I to spread the word about CRY, to tell people first hand how the Charity has helped me and so many other young individuals and their families through difficult times. Making families aware that help is available, that you no longer have to persist, fight or convince your GP to get screened if you have a concern, instead simply contact CRY.

I have to admit, it hasn’t all been plain sailing on this C-R-Y/Miccoli awareness tour, from infested bed bug hotel rooms, to camping in Hampshire and nearly getting burgled in a tent! (which is definitely a first for us) to cutting my finger on a camping knife, (normally that wouldn’t warrant a mention, but when you need your fingers to play guitar and piano all weekend long, it’s a big deal/nightmare for musicians), to getting lost more times than we can remember, to the nauseating and arduous journey to Cambridge, which normally is a casual 2 hours drive from Birmingham, but ended up being an EPIC 7 hours car journey (blame the A14 and its road works! We are not ones for sitting in traffic and probably put a little too much faith in our sat nav to find alternative routes, but on the up side we sampled some fine English country pubs and saw a lot of cows, sheep and very picturesque villages along the way!), to noisy hotel generators, to locking ourselves out our hotel room (yes all three of us forgot our hotel cards) and finally changing my first ever flat tyre (well helping out) on a very cold, very early October Sunday morning.

But we would do it all again, we have met so many nice people along the way, shared stories, laughed and cried with them. The tour took us to 12 shopping centres in total, across the UK, playing throughout the weekend, placing two CRY donations buckets beside us as we played. It may not seem a lot but the total from those two red buckets came to £1,311.56 exactly!

We’d like to thank all the shopping malls and all the helpful staff for having us and letting us spread the message and raise awareness for CRY and to all those who came along to support the cause.”

Miccoli have a further two dates early next year before they finish their tour in support of CRY and they will be looking forward to continuing their efforts after the Christmas break.

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