myheart enews-Jun to Sept 2023

Dear myheart members,

In this e-newsletter you can find information about:

  • The impact of exercise and physical activity on young people with a heart condition
  • CRY Research Fellow, Dr Raghav Bhatia reflects on his recent research award
  • myheart members, Cara Bunn, Megan Turner and Lewis Nicholson’s stories
  • RSM’s Medicine and Me Conference
  • Online myheart meeting
  • Volunteering for CRY
  • myheart hard copy newsletter
  • Update from CredibleMeds

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More to explorer

Leading researchers gather at St George’s University of London, to showcase a portfolio of projects funded by Cardiac Risk in the Young

Medicine and Me Conference

Talks included*: 0:00 to 5:30 – Welcome and introduction – Dr Steven Cox1:12:00 to 1:27:00 – How can we identify young people with cardiac conditions –

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