myheart enews- March-May 2020

Dear myheart members

Thank you to all of you who are helping raise funds and awareness of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and myheart in these unprecedented times. Please find in this newsletter information on:

  • Information on COVID-19 for heart patients
  • Revisions to the CredibleMeds Lists
  • Interview with Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Sabiha Gati
  • Blog by CRY Founder, Alison Cox, on how she learned first about cardiac conditions in young people
  • CRY Ambassador, Ben Coleman, getting tested by CRY
  • CRY’s myheart cardiologist, Dr Michael Papadakis’ talk on exercise in patients with HCM
  • Blogs by myheart members, Kerry Shepherd, Jade Hobman and Joseph Tanner
  • Private myheart Facebook group
  • GDPR

Read the full enews here.

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