Parliamentary Reception

The beating heart of British democracy was certainly an appropriate place for the Cardiac Risk in the Young reception! And what a beautiful location. The imposing statue of Oliver Cromwell greeted me at security, paintings of significant moments in British history lined the corridors on the way to the reception. The room itself overlooked the Thames – it was so close you could have stepped out onto its gently lapping waters!

The whole event was at the same time enjoyable and very moving. The two patrons who gave speeches highlighted the pain of bereaved families and emphasised the importance of screening to help save lives in future just like those we have lost. Vincent Regan gave a powerful reading of a lament written by Shakespeare for his son through the voice of one of his characters. I must say, it brought tears to my eyes.

Prof Sharma revealed the exciting news about CRY’s significant contribution to the new international sporting guidelines on cardiac health.

I was pleased and humbled to meet other myheart members whose heart conditions were still undiagnosed, or who would live with their conditions for the rest of their lives. I realised just how lucky I was to have had the option of a simple ablation. It motivated me to continue to support CRY so that in the future, others may have just as straightforward cures for their heart conditions. After all, once upon a time an ablation was a revolutionary operation, and with increased technology and research in cardiology, other, as yet impossible procedures will be able to save even more young lives.

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Leading researchers gather at St George’s University of London, to showcase a portfolio of projects funded by Cardiac Risk in the Young

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