The beginning of surreal chain of events! by Adam Brown

It was a big day for me, it was the day I played my money match for a few thousand pound prize. It’s safe to say I felt the pressure. After going 1-0 up in a race to 15 games, things started to turn ugly.

Firstly, I started to get confused about what I would do normally in simple situations in a game of pool. Then the nerves become greater, which made my vision start seeing stars at this point! I decided to grab some of my drink. As I returned to the pool table, the room went black and I fainted. My heart was racing and it felt like it was going to rip its way out of my chest. I went down what can only be described as a tree. I felt hot and sweaty more than I have ever before. After a good 10 minutes of being crowded, I finally woke up. It was like my body cut out and went to sleep. Luckily for me, a keen pool player was watching the match and also is a paramedic.

After 2 hours of waiting for an ambulance, I was taken to Leighton hospital and discharged a number of hours later. No follow up was to happen after this surreal event.

See the video footage of the event below:

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