To the girl on the train

At my local train station where I caught the train to my Internship, there was a gorgeous girl who took the same train. Every day, I would try and get the courage to say hello, but couldn’t. One day, we were even seated opposite each other, and yet I still didn’t say a thing. For […]

Red Bull Gives You…

Before my initial out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest, before I knew what Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy was or that I had it, and before I had an ICD — I was working at my first internship in the city. Every morning, I would hop on the 7:15am train to get to the office by 8:30am. At the final […]

The 8 Times I “Died”

These are the stories of the 8 times I died (well episodes of VT/VF 🙂 ) 1 :: Train Station :: 20 years old I don’t remember much about the initial cardiac arrest that started it all, only 3rd party stories from my family and friends who had to experience it for me, and some […]

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