myheart has a Facebook group where group members (aged 18 and over) can connect and share experiences with other people who have been diagnosed with a cardiac condition often ‘out of the blue’.

So many people who contact CRY/myheart want to talk to others who are in similar circumstances to themselves. The group is a private community for members of the myheart network to share their feelings and experiences with others who have suffered a cardiac arrest, inherited a cardiac condition, have a congenital condition or found out that they have a cardiac condition after a sudden cardiac death in the family and be part of a network of support for one another. A place where we hope you will feel safe in the knowledge that you are not alone in your experience.

The group is private and can only be joined by invitation from CRY/myheart. The discussions within the group can only be seen by group members. Whilst myheart has access to the group as an administrator, the group is not actively moderated by myheart. The rules for the group can be found here, and are also available in the Facebook group page.

If you would like to join myheart’s private Facebook Group, please complete the below form to request to join.