My experience of CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk-24th June, 2018 by Zenia Selby

This was just my second CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk, and for the second year in a row we had a glorious sunny day for it! Last year my mum and sister joined me and my partner for the walk: this year my partner’s parents came along too. We hope to increase our group every year!

We had a wonderful time in the sun, passing London’s iconic landmarks.

My sister, a vintage car enthusiast, got excited when she found an orange Mustang, and I had to pay homage to a mosaic of my favourite historical figure: the emperor Hadrian. In fact, he is quite an appropriate icon for CRY – he actually died of a heart condition.

But the most memorable moment for me was when we crossed the Millenium bridge over to the Tate Modern, and looked back to see a stream of CRY T-shirts coming towards us. In fact, as I looked back towards London Bridge, white balloons bobbed in the air all along the river. What a brilliant way to raise awareness. We can’t wait for next year!

All the best,


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